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Call us to get started with an appointment for a free consultation. Our inspector will measure the total square footage of rooms and high-touch surfaces. Then give you a quote. You can take immediate action or contact us later.

Disinfect & Sanitize

Our crew will show up, all wearing PPE & equipped with anti-microbial equipment. First, we spray & wipe down all high-touch surfaces. Then fog each space on the property with our Benefogg™ disinfectant.

Kill Germs in 10m

Once disinfected & sanitized, in  10 mins or less, our Benefogg™ will eliminate infectious microbes, even the most resilient ones. Best of all, those who are sensitive to chemicals will have no allergic reaction. 

Our Benefogg™ disinfectant is more effective than non-organic solutions!

Benefogg Disinfectant
  • Ingenious mixture of plant extracts
  • Surpasses government efficacy requirements
  • Non-toxic, allergen & fragrance-free
  • EPA's highest safety rating category
In just one call, a super-fast appointment was set up and performed. Disinfect IQ produced an estimate on the spot, and the work was initiated almost immediately. The results are fantastic. Our faculty, administrators, and the entire student body noticed a significant clean, fresh sanitized feeling throughout the campus. The whole community reported a massive jump in confidence, giving way to Peace of Mind. Work, study, and living environments are finally safe and clean to use again. The estimate was extremely reasonable. Great Job!
Thomas Sweeney | Dir. of Facilities, University of Bridgeport

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The Benefogg™ disinfectant will kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold & fungal spores. It can be applied where high risk or chemically sensitive individuals may be present.

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